Online Booking System for Salons

Need an online booking system for your salon?

With digital calendars becoming more popular year after year it’s imperative that you cater to clients who use the latest and greatest digital tools.

Digital calendars make up an important part of our daily lives these days. From what classes the kids have after school during the week, to managing our own busy weekly schedule to remember which family events are taking place over the weekends and much more!

The digital era is here and digital calendars are here to stay.

This article talks about the importance of utilizing and incorporating a digital calendar into your business.

This can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a technical genius who know your way around Java, Python or the latest HTML coding.

This is exactly why we created the most sophisticated system which is super simple to use and called it Simplified Bookings.

When we say the word use, we mean it should be simple for you, your staff as well as your clients to use.

That’s exactly what we set out to create, when we developed Simplified Bookings.

Simplified Bookings is a digital calendar which the business owner display on their website so that their clients can navigate to the booking page and easily book their appointments in a fast, convenient way (Or even pay for it should they choose to do so).

What makes Simplified Bookings stand head and shoulders above the competition is the fact that it does everything you expect from a booking system and more.

One of the most important things is to sync your customer’s diary or in this case calendar, with yours!

That’s half the job done already. Imagine a situation where you no longer have to make manual entries into your calendar each and everytime a booking is placed…

Each time a client makes a booking it’s automatically entered into your calendar, not only that, but it’s also entered into your clients calendar and the two bookings are synced. Meaning that specific time slot is now booked in both your calendars without you as the business owner having to do anything. “Is this even possible?!” You hear yourself ask… absolutely, with Simplified Bookings it now is!

We listened to our customers and there was a few core functionalities everyone wanted…

They wanted the ability to send out a confirmation email once the booking was successfully created.

We agree that it’s an important core element that should be part of a professional online booking system.

We listened and integrated an email service that will send out an email straight away to both you and the client notifying you both about the successful calendar entry /booking that was just created.

We decided to have a further layer of reminders build into the system and therefore integrated with a SMS platform that will send out SMS reminders to your clients on the day before their appointment to reduce those dreadful no sho appointments.

And since our clients asked us what we can do to decrease the no show numbers in their businesses we decided to yet create one more layer of protection in the form of another reminder…

This time an in app reminder, typically like the alarm that will sound on your phone when you ask Google Calender to sound an alarm 1 hour prior to an appointment.

So with ur triple redundancy technology we can greatly reduce the number of no shows any business previously struggled with.

If an appointment is say worth R500 to you, and you only have one less no show during the month then your subscription to Simplified bookings was free for that month.

However, clients point out that they have up to 30% higher success rate on their no show count at the end of the month by using simplified bookings.

Reducing your no show rate is not the only benefit we provide a business owner with.

If you looking to completely eliminate no shows, why not offer your clients a 5-10% discount when paying online while the make tehir booking? No one will forget or cancel a booking they already paid for 🙂

Simplified bookings give you the option to set this up from within your dashboard.

These days it’s all about building an active database. Something you can utilize to communicate with your clientele. Perhaps pull them back to your business in the form of sending out vouchers, coupons or incentives.

Informing them about sales and discounts. Anything you can do to ensure repeat business from your loyal clientele.

Your admin person can also now be more hands off and get on with other tasks oppose to worry about taking bookings over the phone all day.

For a free trial of Simplified Bookings, you can contact us today and see how our sophisticated software can help you take your business to the next level.

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