Online Booking Software South Africa

If you’re looking for an online booking software platform in South Africa, we got you covered.

Let’s face it, finding home grown platforms that compete on a global level can sometimes be difficult.

We have been looking at creating not one of South Africa’s most robust online booking platforms, but something that will compete on a global level.

When you look at all the different industries that can benefit from an online booking platform you quickly realise that building something for all these industries are going to be tough.

You get online booking software for Spas Coaches, online booking platforms for Salons, beauty parlours, vets, financial advisors, fitness instructors, online booking software for personal trainers, nutritionists, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, online booking software for cleaning companies and the list goes on and on just to name a few.

We quickly realised that this is not going to be a ‘one size fits all’ type of application and that if we really want to capture the entire market we will have to be flexible in our approach and be ready to customise each client’s account to what their needs and requirements are.

At Simplified Bookings, we do just that. Each client’s account can be customised to their exact needs and requirement and we are forever busy developing the platform and catering to clients on an individual basis.

We knew that if we can build a basic framework that will appeal to most markets, industries and clients, that we can develop extra services which can be plugged into any one of our accounts giving us the opportunity to not only serve a larger segment of the market, but to also serve our clients in a more appropriate manner.

Simplified bookings have quickly grown to be one of Africa’s leading online booking platforms and we aim to take the brand globally in order to compete on an international level.

With benefits such as our triple redundancy technology, we reduce no shows drastically.

Online Booking Software South Africa

A client of yours will get an email notification from you once they booked an appointment, informing them that the booking was successfully created. It will then also be followed up with an SMS notification, informing them of the same. If this wasn’t enough, we also created a automatic Google Calendar entry into their smartphone, which will beep of a meeting reminder 1 hour prior to their booking time.

The SMS reminders can also go out one day prior to booking, the morning of the booking or a few hours before the booking – all depending on how it’s set up within your dashboard.

To help even further with no-shows and we created a special option where clients of yours can pay online at the time of placing the booking to enjoy a 5-10% discount on their booking.

No one pays for a booking and don’t show up for it 🙂

To see our core features please visit our home page for more information of what we can offer your business. Or click on the features below to be redirected to our home page now…

Simplified Bookings features

The aim around our technology is simple; we aim to create an industry-leading online booking application that caters to most industries through extensive development and mind-blowing features, yet we aim to keep it all super simple so that anyone can use it.

Thus far we have delivered on our goal to simplify a robust and sophisticated software solution and we are looking forward to further serve you into the future.